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“What do you do out here? You chase rainbows.” — Ed Ruscha

Throughout art history the rainbow has served as a mythological signifier of rebirth, enlightenment, and a phenomenological link between earthly existentialism and the heavenly hereafter. But what if there is a break in that link: a socio-political schism that calls into question the veracity of science, the intents of truth seekers, the fundament of our institutions and laws? It’s a schism that turns real news “fake”. Truth isn't what you're hearing and seeing. Border walls are a growth industry. In times of crisis escapism becomes realism. The gold market rises and fantasy narratives become dime a dozen. People are quite literally looking for gold at the end of the rainbow. But what happens if the rainbow no longer offers the prospect of unity, harmony, and lottery?

Friday Feb 15 - Sunday Feb 17, 2019

These are the questions being sought in Nowhere Over The Rainbow, a multimedia survey of works from Nolan Grünwald, Raina Hamner, Zoe Hawk, Thomas Linder, Rachel Mason, Jake Kean Mayman, Martin Nuñez, Lucila Orengo, Jackie Rines, Jeremy Shockley, Timothy Uriah Steele, Henry VincentLouis Waldon, Graham Wilson and Robert Yarber. These artists all employ the tropes and chromatics of gold, rainbows, hybrid identities and failed ideologies—via drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, performance, and video—to offer a glimpse into the possibilities and realities of finding a new way in an upset world. From a “gold room” filled with blue- chip excavations to warped Kodachrome fantasies to a surrealist drawing of an alternate Oz, this is no place like home.


Nolan Grünwald (@grunwaldstudios)

Raina Hamner (@rrainaterrorr)
Zoe Hawk (@zoe.hawk)
Thomas Linder (@thomasslinder)

Rachel Mason (@futureclown)
Jake Kean Mayman (@a_love_bizarre)

Martin Nuñez (@ludicaskate)

Lucila Orengo (@lulaore)
Jackie Rines (@jackierines)
Jeremy Shockley (@hardblink)
Timothy Uriah Steele (@timothyuriahsteele)

Henry Vincent (@10Hank10)
Louis Waldon
Graham Wilson (@_graham_wilson_)

Robert Yarber (@robert.yarber)